The Weekly paper of the New Communist Party of Britain
Week commencing 15th September 2017

The Fighting Fund

September’s New Worker fighting fund began with £588 in the bag that included £105 raised at last week’s meeting of the NCP Central Committee, £20 from a Devon reader and £3 in pennies saved in a jar by a Brixton pensioner! It all helps to move us along the road to our monthly target of £3,500 — the sum we need to guarantee the continuing production of our communist weekly. The fund now needs £2,912 and we’ve still got a few weeks to do it!

Maintaining our circulation and our presence on the Web costs money. Increasing our sales and building a bigger audience across the country also need investment in time and money. We can only rely on our readers and supporters to keep us going so please send a donation, or even consider taking out a Bankers’ Order

Alternatively send a cheque or postal order with your donation to:
New Worker
PO Box 73
SW11 2PQ