The Weekly paper of the New Communist Party of Britain
Week commencing 13th October 2017

Lead story

May must go - Tories must go

by Daphne Liddle

THERESA May stumbles on, and despite being in charge of a minority government with little power she and her Cabinet are continuing to wreak havoc to the fabric of this country and to the peace and safety of the world.

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Post workers set to strike

POST WORKERS defeated new Tory anti-union laws by winning a vote for strike with an 89.1 per cent majority on a turnout of 73 per cent turnout, in a dispute over pension rights, wages and job security.

But in spite of this fantastic result the privatised Royal Mail is still trying to secure a court injunction to stop the 48-hour strike planned to start on 19th October — on the grounds that the Communication Workers Union (CWU) refused to call off the strike by a deadline of Monday this week to begin talks.

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Unequal Britain

PRIME Minister Theresa May has been trying to show her ‘human’ side and divert attention from all her other mounting problems by promising action to address the widening inequalities in society in Britain revealed by a Government audit published this week.

The audit exposed the growing differences in the way that people in Britain are treated according to the region they live in, their ethnicity, their gender and their income.

It looked at how different people fared in schools, courts, health services and workplaces, and found, amongst other things, that minority ethnic women have been hardest hit by austerity; black men are far more likely to be jailed by the courts than white men; white teenagers are more likely to smoke than black teenagers; white British children from poor homes do worse at school than black or Asian children, and that Roma children fall way behind all the rest in school.

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