The Weekly paper of the New Communist Party of Britain
Week commencing 1st December 2017

Another step for peace

THE New Communist Party of Britain (NCP) congratulates Democratic Korea (DPRK) on the successful test of their ballistic missile defence system this week. We salute the outstanding work of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea’s (DPRK’s) scientists and workers who made this essential contribution to the DPRK’s defence possible. Strengthening the DPRK’s nuclear defence is an essential deterrent to US imperialism and its puppets that will guarantee peace throughout Asia and the rest of the world.

Donald Trump and his minions in Washington and the United Nations (UN) are predictably bleating about what the UN Secretary-General calls the “complete disregard for the united view of the international community”. But the bogus theory that only the imperialist powers have the right to possess nuclear weapons is only upheld by the imperialists themselves and those who seek to curry favour with them.

In any case, no-one cares much about the UN these days, least of all the imperialists themselves who only pay lip service to UN institutions when it serves their interests. When the Americans can use it to rubber-stamp their aggression the world organisation is supported. When it is no longer of any further use to them it is ignored and discarded.

Whilst the DPRK threatens no-one US imperialism poses the greatest danger to world peace. The US National Missile Defence system has triggered another global arms race. The tearing up of the Anti-Ballistic Missile treaty has undermined every other international agreement on nuclear weapons. At the same time the imperialists are trying to use part of the non-proliferation treaty as an instrument to bully and threaten any country attempting to develop an independent nuclear industry.

The treaty defines “nuclear-weapon states” as those that have built and tested nuclear weapons before 1st January 1967; these are the USA, Russia, Britain, France and People’s China.

Four UN members have refused to sign the non-proliferation treaty. India and Pakistan have openly tested their own nuclear weapons with the covert blessing of the imperialist powers. Israel likes to pose as a covert nuclear power by refusing to confirm or deny possessing atomic weapons and denying international inspection of its nuclear plant in Dimona, whilst South Sudan, which only became independent in 2011, is far too poor to develop its own nuclear industry.

The non-proliferation treaty, which was signed in 1968 to halt nuclear proliferation, also committed the signatories to work towards universal nuclear disarmament. None of them have done so. Because the non-proliferation agreement has still to be implemented by the imperialist camp, every sovereign state has the legitimate right to develop its nuclear industry.

Democratic Korea, People’s China and India have, nevertheless, pledged never to be the first to use nuclear weapons. None of the imperialist powers will give a similar guarantee.

The DPRK had no choice but to develop its nuclear energy programme and its own independent nuclear deterrent. Its enemies are close at hand. The DPRK threatens no one. But US imperialism wants to perpetuate the division of Korea and ultimately to extinguish socialism on the Korean peninsula. US nuclear-armed warships are stationed off the Korean coast and American anti-ballistic missile systems and thousands of US troops are stationed in the occupied south of Korea and Japan.

The struggling peoples of the world have learnt the lessons of Yugoslavia, Iraq and Libya, who were powerless to resist the might of US-led imperialism, whilst genuine communists have been heartened by the determined steps taken by the people’s government in north Korea to defend the sovereignty of the DPRK in the face of increasing threats of war from the US imperialists and their lackeys.