The Weekly paper of the New Communist Party of Britain
Week commencing 12th January 2018

Into the future!

WE ENTER a New Year full of promise and hope. Labour’s standing continues to rise in the opinion polls. Mrs May’s Tory government, which is dependent on the votes of sectarian bigots from northern Ireland, is on its last legs and there’s every chance of a fresh general election in the spring.

The ruling class is deeply divided over Brexit with the Europhile ‘Remainers’ whose campaign for a second referendum has been boosted by the collapse of UKIP and the relentless equivocation of the Blairite back-stabbers in the Parliamentary Labour Party who still dream of staying in the European Union and getting rid of Jeremy Corbyn.

But amongst the Europhiles within the corridors of power there is a growing realisation that the only way that Brexit can be stopped is with the return of a Labour government, ideally dependent on the support of the Scottish Nationalists and the Liberal Democrats, whose price will inevitably be a second referendum.

We have to make sure this doesn’t happen. And it won’t if Labour gets a big enough mandate at the next general election to govern without the dubious assistance of the SNP or the LibDems. But there’s no guarantee that this will happen, or indeed that the Tories will be forced out ahead of time, without massive pressure from the labour and peace movement across the country.