The Weekly paper of the New Communist Party of Britain
Week commencing 12th January 2018

The struggle for peace

WHILST US imperialism licks its wounds in Syria, the warmongers in Washington are already plotting their next move in the campaign to establish hegemony over the Middle East that would give them total control of the immense oil and gas resources in the region. Although the Americans can always rely on their Israeli and Saudi lackeys to do their dirty work, that’s never proved enough in the past and it’s certainly not working now.

The Saudi intervention in the Yemeni civil war has backfired whilst their spat with their feudal Arab rivals in Qatar has pushed the oil-rich Gulf state back into hands of Turkey — whilst the Muslim Brotherhood on one side and the equally bigoted Saudi-funded Salafist movements battle it out in Libya and other parts of the Arab world.

The greedy eye of US imperialism is once again focussing on Iran, whose support for Syria and the south Lebanese resistance movement has been a constant thorn in the flesh of the Americans. But their pathetic attempt to exploit social unrest in the Islamic Republic has fizzled out despite the best efforts of their hirelings to drum up support for imperialist intervention à la Libya in the bourgeois media.

In Korea the realistic response of the south Korean authorities to the Democratic Korean initiative at the beginning of the year has led to the first high-level inter-Korean talks in two years to guarantee the success of the Winter Olympics that will take place in south Korea in March. It has also forced the US imperialists to postpone their war games in the occupied south, at least until the conclusion of the Paralympic Games on 18th March.

Meanwhile the chief American warlord, Donald Trump, is planning to come to London in February to open the new US embassy in Battersea. He’s not welcome here and we must make sure he gets a warm welcome when he gets here.