The Weekly paper of the New Communist Party of Britain
Week commencing 2nd February 2018

The Fighting Fund

This week’s post came to £651 thanks to contributions that included a PayPal donation of £20 from a supporter in Hereford, £10 from another supporter in Newport and £35 from a reader in east London. So far we’ve collected £2,075 for the fighting fund in January. We now need £1,425 by the end of next weekend to hit our £3,500 target.

We’re into the second fund-raising week of January with £531 in the post pushing the running total to £1,424. That means we need to raise £2,076 by the end on the month to hit our £3,500.

Every pound raised helps keep our presses rolling in the fight for peace and socialism. Millions of working people want change. This Tory government is on its last legs and there’s now a golden opportunity for the labour movement to force an election to get May out and put Corbyn in this year. We need to scrap Trident. We need to get out of the European Union. We need to put socialism back on the working class agenda.

Our communist paper is part of the counter to the fake news that starts with children’s books at school and continues on the airways of the bourgeois media throughout our lives. We rely entirely on our readers to survive so please send your donation, big or small it all counts, to:

Alternatively send a cheque or postal order with your donation to:
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