The Weekly paper of the New Communist Party of Britain
Week commencing 23rd February 2018

Lead story

Terrorists continue to shell Damascus

by our Arab Affairs correspondent

NATO-backed terrorists are continuing to shell Damascus in defiance of a United Nations (UN) truce that came into effect on Tuesday. The Nusra Front militia and its allies are also targeting a safe-corridor set up to allow civilians trapped in the rebel-held Ghouta enclave to escape so that they can continue to use them as human shields. Meanwhile Russia has vetoed a British-drafted resolution at the UN that accused Iran of violating the UN arms embargo on Yemeni rebels. Iran’s Foreign ministry welcomed the veto calling in a defeat for the USA.

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Abbott lays out Labour’spolicies on immigration

by New Worker correspondent

DIANE Abbott, the Shadow Home Secretary, last Friday laid out Labour’s policies on immigration after Brexit, saying the party would end arbitrary targets and base immigration policy prioritising jobs and the economy.

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The main point of contention was his new line on a staying in a customs union with the rest of the EU. Previously Corbyn and Labour’s main spokesperson on Brexit, Keir Starmer, had appeared to oppose staying in the existing customs union because that would leave Britain subject to EU rules and regulations on trade deals and practices without having any say in forming those rules and regulations. It would rule out Government investment in trade and industry as an unfair interference in the ‘free market’.

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