The Weekly paper of the New Communist Party of Britain
Week commencing 6th April 2018

Lead story


by our Arab Affairs correspondent

PALESTINIANS took to the streets throughout the occupied territories and across the Arab world last week to protest against the continuing occupation of their land and to remember the martyrs who fell defending their rights in 1976. But Arab protests were drowned in blood when Israeli troops opened fire to break up a massive anti-Israeli demonstration in the Gaza Strip. deep concern” over the growing number of victims and casualties in the Gaza Strip following talks in the Kremlin with a senior delegation from the Palestinian Muslim Brotherhood, Hamas, which governs the Gaza Strip. And in New York, United Nations (UN) Secretary-General António Guterres said his “thoughts are with the families of the victims.” But at the emergency UN Security Council session the Americans blocked a call for an international investigation into the Israeli massacre of unarmed Palestinians last week.

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Corbyn gains support as smears backfire

THE RIGHT-WING campaign to smear Jeremy Corbyn as tolerant of anti-Semitism in the Labour Party has shown itself up as a deliberate and organised plot to dislodge the man who is set to became Britain’s first ever genuinely left-wing Prime Minister, by going over the top and making itself ridiculous. On Monday the main news channels and press — including papers regarded by some as left-wing such as the Guardian and the Mirror — were headlining Corbyn’s “latest blunder” after he attended a Seder Night event in his own constituency organised by Jewdas, a left-wing Jewish group. He attended in a personal capacity to enjoy the company and conversation of people who had for a long time been his good friends.

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Defend Corbyn: Denounce Zionism

WHILST Christians spent Easter contemplating the fate of Jesus of Nazareth during the Roman era, the bourgeois media moved to crucify Jeremy Corbyn for the heinous crime, by Tory standards, of attending a Jewish Seder night that was not to their liking. Had Corbyn gone to a conventional Zionist bash nothing would have been said. But the Labour leader chose to accept the invitation to attend a Jewish Passover dinner organised by a left-wing anti-Zionist Jewish group in his own constituency. Corbyn was once again branded an “anti-Semite”. Members of Jewdas, a radical Jewish movement, are apparently the ‘wrong type’ of Jews according to the Tory media pundits, the Blairites and the Zionist leaders who claim to represent the Jewish community in Britain. Corbyn is, of course, a staunch opponent of racism and fascism. His ‘crime’ is simply that he supports the legitimate rights of the Palestinian Arabs..

Curious and curiouser…

THIS WEEK the weapons experts at the secret military research centre at Porton Down reiterated that they cannot say where the nerve agent that poisoned the Skripals was manufactured.

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