The Weekly paper of the New Communist Party of Britain
Week commencing 13th April 2018

Russians warn Americans over Syria

by our Arab Affairs correspondent

SYRIAN and Russian forces are on maximum alert following American threats to launch missile attacks on Syria following the liberation of Douma, the rebel held enclave in eastern Ghouta whose surrender, the imperialists claim, was precipitated by a poison gas attack that allegedly killed dozens of civilians and injured hundreds more.

Russian experts, who have been to Ghouta, found no traces of the use of chemical weapons and they dismissed photos of alleged victims posted by the so-called White Helmets as fake. Last week the Russian forces in Syria warned that a false flag “poison gas” stunt was coming to provide a pretext for direct US aggression.

Russia has warned of the grave consequences of any US attack that could range from an attempt to destroy the Syrian air-force to a direct NATO invasion. They say their anti-missile units will defend Syria, targeting incoming rockets and their launching pads — an action which could easily trigger general war between Russia and the USA.

Whilst Trump is indifferent to the consequences of his deranged threats, he clearly wants support from his craven NATO allies to provide US imperialism with some bogus “international” fig-leaf support for renewed aggression against Syria. He can count on Israel, France and Turkey. But the Germans have told Washington they’re keeping out of this, and Mrs May is facing mounting opposition from Labour and within her own ranks.

This week Mrs May claimed that “all the indications” were that the Syrian military was to blame for the alleged Douma attack. But Jeremy Corbyn is demanding that MPs be given a vote in Parliament on any potential military action in Syria. Corbyn urged the Government to “listen to what the UN says” and wait for an “inquiry into the source and usage of the chemical weapons”. The Labour leader also insisted that the House of Commons “should always” be given a say on British military intervention.

No one seriously believes that Russia, Iran or Syria would have launched a poison gas attack in Douma at the precise moment when the rebel militias were negotiating their own surrender. But American war-lord Donald Trump seems set on provoking war to bail out the ISIS, Al Qaida and Muslim Brotherhood gangs who now clearly are facing total defeat at the hands of the Syrian Arab Army.

In the meantime expert teams from the UN-backed Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) are being despatched to Douma to investigate the claims of the White Helmets, the civil defence of the Islamic terror gangs, who claim that chlorine bombs were used during the town’s bombing during the last days of the siege. But the White Helmets are known for conjuring up fake atrocity stories to justify the very real war-crimes of ISIS and the other sectarian Muslim militias who were armed and financed by imperialism and the feudal Arab oil princes to try to topple the Syrian government, whose support for the Palestinians and its alliance with Iran and the south Lebanese resistance has long enraged the Americans and their Israeli and Arab lackeys.

Meanwhile the Syrian government has assured the UN-backed chemical weapons team that they can go anywhere they want in Douma to check whether there was any use of chemical weapons.

The first four chemical weapons experts from the OPCW have already arrived in Syria and the Syrian government has told them they will be able to visit any part of Douma to pursue their investigation.

The New Communist Party joined the leading communist parties of Europe in condemning imperialist threats and aggression against Syria at a conference of communist and workers parties in Brussels this week.

Twenty-eight parties signed a joint statement expressing their internationalist solidarity with the Syrian people, and called the upon the working class and the popular forces to reinforce the struggle against imperialist interventions and wars.