The Weekly paper of the New Communist Party of Britain
Week commencing 20th April 2018

Trump’s desperate throw

WHILST THE chief American war-lord Donald Trump brags about his “perfectly executed strike”, millions of people all over the world have taken to the streets to condemn American and Anglo-French imperialism following the missile attacks on Syria last weekend. Thankfully no-one was killed by the imperialist missiles, although this was largely due to the competence of Syria’s air-defences that downed 71 of the 103 missiles before they hit their targets.

When Trump was running for the presidency he posed as a ‘non-interventionist’ opposed to confrontation with Russia and ‘regime change’ in Syria. Once in the Oval Office these promises were swiftly forgotten, along with all the others apart from more tax breaks for the rich, as Trump moved on to do the bidding of the most reactionary and aggressive sections of the US ruling class who had put him into the White House in the first place.

But if there is anyone more despicable that Trump it has to be Theresa May and the worthless French president, Emmanuel Macron. The Germans and America’s other NATO allies prudently confined themselves to “moral support” for the US-led attack. But Mrs May and Macron chose to do Trump’s bidding in the mistaken belief that US imperialism will reward them with a share of the spoils when and if the Americans achieve their goal of total control of the oil-rich Middle East. And it’s a very big if indeed.

American strategy since the Second World War has been to systematically fill the void left by retreating Anglo-French imperialism to protect the interests of the big oil corporations that loot and plunder the immense energy wealth of the Arab world that rightfully belongs to the Arab masses. To achieve their goals the Americans arm Israel to the teeth and prop up the feudal Arabs who support US hegemony in return for a juicy cut of the oil revenues. Arabs who challenges the American right to rule are either bought off or given the “regime change” treatment that was doled out to Iraq and Libya in the past.

Now everything is unravelling. Syria’s popular front government has rallied the people who have closed ranks around the Assad government to drive the terror gangs out of their country. Syria, with the support of Iran and the south Lebanese Hezbollah resistance movement has pushed the ISIS, Al Qaida and Muslim Brotherhood gunmen back into enclaves that survive solely through the protection of the Turks and the US air force.

The Americans say that last weekend’s missile attack was a reprisal for a Syrian poison gas attack that few believe even took place. In reality it was a desperate attempt to stave off the complete collapse of the terror gangs following the liberation of eastern Ghouta by the Syrian Arab Army last week.

The fake news and media lies churned out by the bourgeois media in the run-up to Trump’s attack clearly failed to sway the public, who largely opposed the RAF’s support for the American aggression. Protests are continuing up and down the country to build the anti-war movement to stop further bombing and open imperialist intervention in Syria. The forthcoming local elections are the next test for the May’s Tory government. Mass support for Labour and a resounding defeat for the Tories brings the collapse of her coalition government a step closer, It will also strengthen the hand of the democratic forces within the Labour Party that support the Corbyn leadership and oppose the slavish pro-imperialist bloc of Blairites within the Parliamentary Labour Party. Communists have a crucial role to play in supporting the anti-war movement and building solidarity with the Syrian and Palestinian people who are standing up to imperialist today.