The Weekly paper of the New Communist Party of Britain
Week commencing 18th May 20188

Bloodbath in Gaza

THE CHIEF American warlord tells his Zionist puppet that his “greatest hope is for peace”. While Donald Trump lords it in occupied Palestine, Arabs are butchered by Zionist thugs on the Gaza Strip.

While millions of people throughout the world take to the streets in solidarity with the Palestinian people, outraged at the American decision to move the US embassy to Jerusalem, Donald Trump becomes the inaugural recipient of a “Defender of Jerusalem” award for his services to Zionism.

Trump chose a well-known Texan religious nutter to deliver a prayer at the opening of the US embassy in Jerusalem. Pastor Robert Jeffress, who is a member of Trump’s ‘Evangelical Advisory Board and White House Faith Initiative’ is a well-known bigot who believes all Jews, Catholics, Muslims and Hindus will go to Hell when they die. Though he preached for Trump and his family at a private service on the president’s Inauguration Day in January 2017, this was too much for even some of the Zionists to put up with and the worthy pastor now claims that his comments have been “taken out of context”.

Back in Tel Aviv the Zionist leader, Benjamin Netanyahu, basks in the reflected glory of his master, whose name has now been adopted by Beitar Jerusalem, a top Israeli football club whose Arab-hating fans brag about their violence, pitch invasions, and racist chanting and claim that they are the “most racist in the country”.

Soon Netanyahu’s people will also have the dubious pleasure of walking across “Donald Trump” square in what the Israelis like to call their “eternal capital”. But they may be walking over rubble, shrapnel and broken glass if the Israelis continue with their provocations — like the attacks on alleged Iranian targets in Syria that led to an exchange of missile fire between Syria and Israel that nearly plunged the region into all-out war last week.

It seems that Netanyahu, who was holding talks with Putin in Moscow at the time, heeded the Kremlin’s call for restraint. But who can say what Netanyahu will do on another occasion?

The Palestinian tragedy began when British imperialism first occupied their land in 1918 and encouraged Zionist immigration through the Balfour doctrine. British imperialism encouraged Zionist settlers who were used to help the colonial authority put down the Arabs. But the Zionists turned on Britain after the Second World War to fight for a Zionist state. In 1948 British colonial rule ended and the State of Israel was proclaimed. The first Arab-Israeli war began. It has never ended.

That war led to the ‘ethnic cleansing’ of around a million Palestinian Arabs by the Zionists. Those Palestinian refugees and their descendants have never given up their right to return to their homes.

Past UN resolutions provide the basis for a just and lasting peace in the Middle East. first of all Israel must totally withdraw from all the occupied territories seized in 1967, including Arab East Jerusalem and Syria’s Golan Heights.

The Palestinians must be allowed to establish a state of their own on the West Bank and Gaza Strip. The Palestinian refugees whose homes are now in Israel must be allowed to return or, if they so wish, receive appropriate compensation in exchange.

The US imperialists believe they call the shots in the Middle East today. They believe that all resistance can be crushed by brute force. But imperialist violence always leads to an equally violent resistance. Imperialism’s refusal to recognise this has led to the spiral of violence in the Middle East that began in 1948 as a regional war, to a conflict that now spans the whole world. The Zionists believe that under the American umbrella they can do what they like to the Palestinians. They think US power will last forever. But that’s what the Shah thought and look what happened to him…