The Weekly paper of the New Communist Party of Britain
Week commencing 20th July 2018

Lead story


by our Middle East Affairs correspondent

DONALD TRUMP returned to Washington this week to face a barrage of abuse from the Democrats and his enemies within his own Republican party over concessions that the leader of US imperialism allegedly made during his talks with Vladimir Putin in the finnish capital this week. Putin said that the relations between Russia and the USA were going through a difficult period of time. Yet, the meeting between the presidents of the two countries was held “in a frank and business-like atmosphere”. The Russian leader added that the Helsinki summit showed the desire of the two countries to “straighten out the relations”. On Monday, Russian President Vladimir Putin attended his first face-to-face meeting with US President Donald Trump in Helsinki. They discussed the current state of bilateral relations along with pressing issues on the international agenda, Russia’s alleged meddling in the 2016 US election and the situation in Syria.

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Workers’ Notes Campaigning for peace in north Wales

by Ray Jones

ON 29th June the Conwy Peace Group held a public meeting in Llandudno attended by about 30 people under the title Plan for Peace, Resist Militarism. David Gannon from, Veterans for Peace UK, told how he left the Army after an injury and how ex-squaddies were left to the NHS and charities to be cared for, with a third of them “not in a functioning condition”, and many homeless and suicidal. He also gave an interesting and in places a deep analysis of the roots of militarism in our society, which included the profits from weapons, the drive for private ownership in the Forces and war as a “tool of austerity”. Veterans for Peace do not call for immediate disarmament by Britain but for Britain to become a permanently neutral country, which would mean: it would protect the territory of the UK; develop an independent defence policy; expel foreign military personnel; withdraw from treaties that would involve it in a future war; and undertake not to attack other countries nor enter into wars between them. ..

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Get the Tories out!

MRS MAY’S government has survived the week by the skin of its teeth following the resignations of two prominent Eurosceptic ministers and a number of their underlings over her botched-up Brexit plan that was presented to the Cabinet earlier in the month. Labour’s standing continues to rise in the opinion polls. The Tory government, which is dependent on the votes of sectarian bigots from northern Ireland, is on its last legs and there’s every chance of a fresh general election this year. The dominant wing within the ruling class is pulling out all the stops to sink Corbyn and make it impossible for him to become Prime Minister. Their smears are aimed at splitting the Labour Party and keeping the Conservatives in office. Their collaborators are the Blairite fifth column within the Parliamentary Labour Party and the Zionist apologists within the labour movement.

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