The Weekly paper of the New Communist Party of Britain
Week commencing 5th of October 2018

Lead story

Iran hits back at terrorists

by our Arab Affairs corresponden

IRANIAN missiles pounded terrorist bases in eastern Syria on Monday following a deadly attack on a military parade in Ahvaz in southern Iran. At least 29 people were killed and more than 60 wounded when gunmen opened fire on a military parade held to mark the 38th anniversary of the start of the Iran—Iraq war. A number of the dead and wounded were civilians and ordinary spectators. Three of the gunmen were killed by Iranian security forces and the fourth later died of his wounds.

The ‘Patriotic Arab Democratic Movement in Ahvaz’, which claims to represent the Arab minority in southern Iran, and ISIS have both claimed responsibility for the attack. But the Iranians say the attack was instigated by “US-backed regimes in the region” and the “two Gulf countries linked to the USA and Mossad” are undoubtedly Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates.

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Standing up to fascists at the Old Bailey

by New Worker correspondent

HUNDREDS of racists turned up outside the Old Bailey in London last week to support Tommy Robinson, the former leader of the English Defence League (EDL), who is trying to overturn a contempt of court conviction. But a small band of anti-fascists defied Robinson’s supporters in a counter-demonstration, called by Stand Up to Racism and Unite Against Fascism to oppose attempts by Robinson and his crew to spread their racism in London..

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Union fights to save transport jobs

by New Worker correspondent

TRANSPORT union RMT has launched a campaign against the proposed closure of 51 London Overground ticket offices. Arriva Rail London (ARL) and Transport for London (TfL) have launched a formal consultation on the proposed closures, which ends next Thursday. The union is urging supporters to protest by email to London TravelWatch. The planned closures affect all areas of the network from Acton Central in the west to and Surrey Quays in the east, and from posh Hampstead Heath to impoverished Shadwell.

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Theresa in wonderland

THEY SAY that Theresa May left Birmingham slightly happier than when she arrived for the Conservatives’ conference that her supporters feared would close with a fatal challenge to her lack-lustre leadership. Prancing around to the tune of Dancing Queen drew predictable cheers from the faithful, there to hear the usual platitudes that they hope will steer them through to victory at the next election.

Whether Mrs May will still lead them is another matter altogether. But whilst a number of Tory grandees covet her job none of them, not even the immensely vain Boris Johnson, were prepared to trigger a leadership challenge that could seal her fate or destroy their own political careers in the offing.

This isn’t really a good time to be Tory leader, let alone Prime Minister, with the party deeply divided over Brexit — which should, in theory at least, take place on 29th March 2019. All of this is a matter of indifference to working people however, who can expect no favours from Tory governments of whatever persuasion and, in any case, have no say in the matter.

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