The Weekly paper of the New Communist Party of Britain
Week commencing 12th of October 2018

Lead story

Imperialist Abuse And Lies

by our European Affairs correspondent

IMPERIALIST hysteria is reaching fever-pitch in the bourgeois media, with the Americans accusing China of interfering in their elections to oust Trump from the White House and Russia branded a “pariah state” for an alleged “global computer-hacking campaign” against the West. In Britain the new hate-campaign, that began with the Skripal affair, has turned into a torrent of anti-Russian abuse, lies and disinformation. Hoary old Cold War lies are being repeated about Michael Foot, the 1980s Labour leader whom a Soviet defector claimed was “Agent Boot” of the KGB, whilst new revelations about “Russian agents” in parliament are being concocted to justify the stepping-up of the sanctions regime on Russia by Anglo-American and Franco-German

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Voice of Borotba in London

by New Worker correspondent

UKRAINIAN anti-fascists sent a message of support to London demonstrators in Whitehall last week protesting at continuing British support for the fascist regime in Kiev. The early evening protest, opposite the prime minister’s resistance in Downing Street, was organised by the New Communist Party of Britain (NCP), Socialist fight, Posadists in Britain and members of Solidarity with the Anti-Fascist Resistance in Ukraine. NCP leader Andy Brooks and Gerry Downing from the Socialist fight movement joined other picketers in a protest that attracted considerable interest on the busy street.

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Throne of Blood

JAMAL KHASHOGGI, a veteran Saudi journalist and human rights activist, went to the Saudi consulate in Istanbul last week to collect documents for his forthcoming marriage. He’s never been seen again. The Saudis say he left the consulate safe and sound. The Turks say he was not seen leaving the building. The Turkish police believe the Saudis murdered him and the Al-Jazeera TV network claims a body, believed to be that of the Saudi dissident, was found dumped in an Istanbul street on Sunday. Some Turkish reports say that Khashoggi was not only murdered in the consulate but that his body was subsequently cut into pieces and flown out of the country in boxes. The Turkish government is outraged and Saudi Arabia’s European allies, and this includes Britain, are clearly embarrassed amidst renewed calls to cut ties and stop arms sales to the House of Saud

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