The Weekly paper of the New Communist Party of Britain
Week commencing 26th of October 2018

Lead story

Trump Tears Up Nuclear Treaty!

by our European Affairs correspondent

Donald Trump tore up a key Cold War nuclear arms treaty last weekend in a move that could plunge the USA into a new confrontation with Russia. The chief American war-lord claimed that Russia had already broken the agreement that prohibits the USA and Russia from possessing, producing or test-flying ground-launched cruise missiles with a range of 300—3,400 miles. The Kremlin has refuted Trump’s claims and stressed that Russia would be forced to take counter-measures to ensure its security.

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Standing up to racism and fascism

by New Worker correspondent

ANTI-FASCISTS rallied to hear Labour leaders and anti-racist campaigners call for a new movement to roll back the rise of the far right at a conference last weekend. Over 1,400 activists, including representatives from similar movements in Europe, Brazil and Canada, took part in the day-long meeting at the Quakers’ Friends Meeting House in London’s Euston Road.

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Super-rich increase

by Pavel Jacomino

A NEW report by a major Swiss bank has shown that hundreds have joined the list of the ultra-rich in Britain despite evidence suggesting that more and more people are slipping into poverty.

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Dirty tricks on the oil rigs

by New Worker correspondent

AMONGST the most dangerous British workplaces are the oil rigs in the North Sea, where union health and safety reps are vital.

Union reps from Unite have raised a number of points, including claims for a bonus for workers on the Culzean platform 145 miles from Aberdeen

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Remainers on the march

HUNDREDS of thousands of Remainers marched through London last weekend to demand a “people’s vote” on the European Union (EU). The call for a second referendum, which began the day after the Remainers lost the first one in 2016, is now going into top gear with the support of the Blairites and the rest of the Europhile lobby, and ample funds from Europhile grandees and the Soros foundation.

Their objective is, of course, to force the May government to agree to a new vote or call for an early general election. This, they believe, will result in a Labour minority government dependent on the Scottish nationalists and the Liberal Democrats, whose support can only be bought with a second referendum. We have to prove them wrong by making sure that Labour gets a massive majority at the next election.

We don’t need another vote. The real ‘people’s vote’ was in 2016 when we voted to leave the EU. But now the Remainers think that they can win a second referendum.

From the start, the mainstream Brexit campaign has been based on anti-immigration, chauvinist and racist lines. UKIP, and indeed some who pose as left wing, embraced these ideas. But the issue of immigration is an entirely bogus argument. The Tory Eurosceptics see the EU as a brake on further neoliberal policies. They also represent the section of the British ruling class that fears Franco-German imperialism and believes that British imperialism’s interests are best served in alignment with US imperialism.

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