The Weekly paper of the New Communist Party of Britain
Week commencing 30th November 2018

What they deserved

Last weekend Syrian terror gangs fired rounds of poison gas shells into the city of Aleppo.

The response of Syria’s Russian ally was swift and decisive. The Russian air-force delivered a massive blow to the Nusra Front that launched the gas attack. All the targets were in Idlib province where the sectarian militias operate under the protection of the Turkish army. The fact that Turkey okayed the Russian action proves that the terror attack had, indeed, been carried out by the Syrian branch of Al Qaeda, which the Turks do not support.

But the response in the imperialist media was predictably to cast doubt on the reports and suggest that it may have been a “false flag” stunt by the Syrian authorities themselves. Not a word of reproach was heard from the media gurus who had called for “regime change” and cheered on the brutal sectarian militias that were financed and armed by NATO and the feudal Arab oil princes in a bid to overthrow the legitimate Syrian government.

Some of those who pose as “left” continue to praise the “White Helmets” and other agents of imperialism that serve Washington in the Middle East. Some of these people argue that there is a benevolent role to imperialist intervention in the Middle East and Afghanistan along the same lines as Tony Blair, whose views that pretend to despise.

We have to be clear on this. The primary contradiction in the world today is between United States imperialism and the rest of the world it seeks to dominate. Anglo-American and Franco-German imperialism are the greatest threats to world peace.

The labour and peace movement needs to mobilise to halt the imperialist-inspired intervention in Yemen and a possible attack by the US and its lackeys on Iran.