The Weekly paper of the New Communist Party of Britain
Week commencing 14th December 2018

Macron on the run

FRENCH president Emmanuel Macron has scrapped the hated energy taxes that sparked off the ‘Yellow Vest’ revolt in November. But this belated climb-down has done nothing to quell the anger on the streets of Paris and across the country. The masses are sick of this willing tool of the bourgeoisie and the movement he’s built around his own personality and around the meaningless slogan of “The Republic on the Move”. They’re sick of this ‘president of the rich’, whose cronies include a Cabinet minister who complains that Paris dinners now cost “€200 without wine” and an MP who could not recall on TV the rate of the minimum wage.

The most hated man in France called for calm in an address in the gilded room in the ÉlysÉe Palace and claimed that he “understood” ordinary French people’s struggle to make ends meet. Few believed him. Macron’s attempt to buy off the demonstrators with a few paltry sweeteners, including an end to taxes and charges on overtime and pensions, was too little, too late to dampen the rising temper of the French working class. Whilst the rich flaunt their wealth in the streets of Paris, the masses scrabble to survive under an austerity regime that only applies to workers, pensioners, students and the infirm. No wonder the demand for “Frexit” is growing across France.

This is the European Union (EU) that the Remainers would have us believe is some sort of paradise for the working class. This is the EU that the Blairites and the Europhile dupes in the labour movement support. The French workers want out and so do we!