The Weekly paper of the New Communist Party of Britain
Week commencing 21st December 2018

Bristol for Palestine

by New Worker correspondent

THE PALESTINIAN ambassador to Britain, Dr Husam Zomlot, went on a tour of the West Country last week with meetings in Bath and Bristol.

Dr Zomlot had been the Palestine Liberation Organisation’s top diplomat in Washington until he was recalled to Ramallah in May, after Donald Trump moved the US embassy from Tel Aviv to West Jerusalem.

The Bristol event, hosted at the Palestinian Museum and Cultural Centre, included an impromptu photo call outside the museum, linking International Human Rights Day with the fight for justice for the Palestinian people.

During a question and answer session Dr Zomlot explained that he was truly moved by the welcome he had received in Bristol. He said that his role in Britain was to represent the state of Palestine and the aspirations of all Palestinians, both inside and outside of the country.

Dr Zomlot spoke about the move of the US embassy from Tel Aviv to West Jerusalem, and explained that the move was unlawful and illegitimate because the West Bank was occupied by the Israeli state. He said this must be undone.

The Ambassador warned that the recently implemented Israeli nation-state racist law shows that the Israeli government has chosen undemocratic methods and is on the way to establishing an apartheid state.

Dr Zomlot pointed out that the Palestinians were receiving overwhelming support at the United Nations but that this support was being blocked by the US government.

He called for a sovereign state of Palestine, saying that with the understanding and support of the international community that it can be achieved.

In concluding, the Ambassador thanked all who supported the cause of Palestine and equated these supporters as the equivalent of having hundreds of thousands of Ambassadors across the world.