The Weekly paper of the New Communist Party of Britain
Week commencing 11th January 2019

HAPPY NEW YEAR ! FORWARD TO SOCIALIST REVOLUTION IN 2019 !!the New Worker is back afer its Xmas break .

Lead story

May on the Brink

by New Worker correspondent

MRS MAY’S government is on the brink of collapse following a major defeat over Brexit in parliament and the almost certain rejection of the Government’s Brexit deal next week. Labour says that if that happens they will launch an immediate no-confidence vote to bring down the May government that would lead to an early election.

This week 20 Tory MPs, including veteran Europhile Ken Clarke, defied their own party to support a cross-party measure aimed at blocking Britain leaving the European Union (EU) with no deal. Following the vote the Labour leader, Jeremy Corbyn, called for a no-deal Brexit to be ruled out altogether.

In the House of Commons MPs voted by 303 votes to 296 to back an amendment moved by Labour MP Yvette Cooper (whose husband Ed Balls was a major figure in the Blair government). Although the amendment itself cannot stop a ‘no-deal’ Brexit it prevents the government from implementing no-deal provisions in the bill without the consent of the British parliament.

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Cut fares not staff!

by New Worker correspondent

JEREMY Corbyn joined union members protesting against annual three per cent fare increases, staff cuts and rail privatisation, outside King’s Cross station in London last week. And throughout the country members of the RMT transport union held similar demonstrations outside railway stations to hand out “Cut fares not staff” leaflets and to condemn the extortionate New Year fare increases.

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Christmas in reverse

by New Worker correspondent

AT CHRISTMAS time Santa Claus is supposed to fly in to deliver presents for deserving recipients. Exactly the reverse happened at the Livingston computer optical components firm Kaiam, where Chief Executive Bardia Pezeshki flew in for a Christmas party just days before 300 of its 238 employees were made redundant. He left the local managers to break the news but denies any ill intent, saying he is still battling to save the company. This came on top of the news that their wages were at first to be delayed and then not paid at all. Instead of wages they got information packs on how to claim the dole.

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Sauce for the goose…

FEW OF US would have any sympathy for the gang who’ve been hanging around Westminster posing as French ‘Yellow Vests’ to hurl abuse at Remainer MPs and anyone else believed to support a second referendum who crosses their path outside the Houses of Parliament. Their mouthy spokesman is an admirer of Donald Trump and a vocal supporter of the Free Tommy Robinson campaign, whilst the rest look like the usual dregs seen on racist marches or outside the pub at ‘football lads’ rallies.

But we have none at all for Anna Soubry and the other bleeding hearts in parliament who are calling for police action to clear Parliament Square of those who have been routinely calling MPs who support the European Union (EU) “Nazis” and “traitors” over the past few weeks.

John Bercow, the Speaker of the House of Commons, has now called on the Commissioner of the Metropolitan police, Cressida Dick, to address “as a matter of urgency, a number of incidents of aggressive, threatening and intimidating behaviour towards MPs and journalists” around College Green, a grassy area opposite parliament used by broadcasters.

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