The Weekly paper of the New Communist Party of Britain
Week commencing 11th January 2019

National News

Uphill battle for Mrs May

by Gu Zhenqiu Xinhua

PRIME Minister Theresa May greeted the New Year by starting efforts on two fronts, at home and abroad, to breathe life into her much criticised Brexit deal by talking to unyielding European Union (EU) leaders and hostile members of parliament.

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More bad tidings…

by New Worker correspondent

ANOTHER lot of seasonal redundancies came at Healthcare Environmental Services (HES), who claimed that their bank was refusing to release funds for wages. One hundred and fifty people are employed at their main depot in Shotts, Lanarkshire and 400 at other depots across Britain.

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A slow strike

by New Worker correspondent

WORKERS at book and magazine printer CPI William Clowes, of Beccles, Suffolk are taking a day of strike action next Tuesday in protest having had only two pay rises in 14 years. The most recent was of one per cent in 2017 and the one before that was about a decade earlier. The strike on Tuesday is the third since November. The workers had voted by 71 per cent for strike action and by 87 per cent for industrial action short of a strike.

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Pensions victory

THE fire Brigades Union (FBU) has won an important victory in a long and bitter dispute with the government over changes to pensions in 2015. Victory means that the dispute, which involved strike action and over 6,000 employment tribunal claims, means that firefighters on the new scheme will have to be put back on the previous pension scheme

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Scottish Political News

by our Scottish political affairs correspondent

FORMER first Minister Alex Salmond has won a court case at the Court of Session against the same Scottish government. On Tuesday his successor, Nicola Sturgeon’s government, admitted acting unlawfully whilst investigating sexual harassment claims against Salmond. In particular it breached its own guidelines by appointing an investigating officer who had ‘prior involvement’ in the case, thus causing the case to collapse.

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Free Money

The green energy business is doing well in Scotland. Owners of wind turbines are raking in the cash for not producing electricity as regularly as they do for actually producing it.

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She fought for Irish freedom

by Theo Russell

OVER 100 people gathered on 28th December at the site of the former Holloway Women’s Prison in Islington, north London, to mark 100 years since the famous Irish republican and revolutionary Countess Constance Markievicz was elected as the first female MP in Britain. She was in jail for her leading role in the 1916 Easter Rising, in which she was a commander of the Irish Citizen’s Army led by James Connolly.

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Channel 4, stop the lies!

New Worker correspondent

LAST weekend NCP leader Andy Brooks joined comrades outside Channel 4 headquarters in London to protest against the demonising of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK) in recent pseudo-documentaries aired by the station that poses as an independent voice but is, in fact, just another mouthpiece of the ruling class. Despite the cold weather a dozen or so solidarity activists joined the picket last Saturday, called by the UK Korean Friendship Association (KFA) and supported by the New Communist Party, outside Channel 4’s centre in Westminster.KFA chair Dermot Hudson said: “Recently Channel 4 broadcast North Korea: Life Inside the Secret State — a concoction of lies and falsehoods about People’s Korea that came from so-called ‘defectors’. Shamefully Channel 4 have put themselves in the forefront of vile anti-DPRK propaganda and are playing a leading role in demonising the DPR Korea

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Llandudno climate change march

by New Worker correspondent

OVER 40 people marched through Llandudno, north Wales, during the New Worker Christmas break, protesting at the lack of action in the face of the dangers of climate change.

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A Radical History of the World? REVIEW

by Ben Soton

A Radical History of the World by Neil Faulkner, 2018. Pluto Press: London. Paperback, 592pp £14.99; ISBN: 9780745338040. (ISBN: 9780745338057 Hardback; ISBN: 9780745338040 Paperback; ISBN: 9781786803276 PDF eBook; ISBN: 9781786803290 Kindle eBook; ISBN: 9781786803283 EPUB eBook) Neil Faulkner’s latest work is the second edition of a 2013 publication A Marxist History of the World — Neanderthals to Neo-Liberals. Before you head to Waterstones or log to Amazon however — buyer beware. The author is former member of the Socialist Workers Party (SWP) and now involved in Momentum. The SWP and its Third Camp Trotskyism are the safe radicalism of Radio Four panel games and sections of academia. With this in mind, the SWP finds itself on the same side as the British state in conflicts such as Ukraine and Syria. During the counter-revolutions of 1989 they were happy to act as cheer-leaders to imperialism.

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Knight of the Secret Police REVIEW

by Robin McGregor

Maxwell Knight: MI5’s Greatest Spymaster by Henry Hemming, 2018. Arrow Books: London. Pages xiv, 400, 16 illustrations. £9.99. ISBN: 978-1-784-75204-0. OLDER readers might be familiar with Charles Henry Maxwell Knight (1900—1968) in his capacity as a popular television natural history presenter and author of such books as Tortoises and How to Keep Them. This not, however, the main reason for him earning a biography worth reviewing in these pages.

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International News

Chinese leader meets Kim Jong Un in Beijing


CHINESE President Xi Jinping held talks with north Korean leader Kim Jong Un in Beijing this week. This is the fourth visit by the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK) leader to China in less than a year.

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Resistance the only way forward

by Jorge Ruiz Miyares Radio Havana Cuba

IRANIAN President Hassan Rouhani has described resistance against the Israeli regime as the only way for the Palestinian nation to obtain its own rights, stressing that all Muslims must support the Palestinians’ right of return and the establishment of an independent Palestinian state with Jerusalem as its capital

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More British bases may be just wishful thinking

by Mu Xiaoming China Military

BRITAIN is working on plans to build two new military bases in the Caribbean and Southeast Asia, says Britain’s Secretary of State for Defence Gavin Williamson. He claimed that “if we have economic interests there, we should have a military interest there”.

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When the Cuban people stood up!

by Deirdre Griswold Workers World (US)

IT IS an island only 90 miles from the USA that has been invaded, blockaded and is still partially occupied — at Guantanamo Bay — by the most powerful of all the imperialist countries. Yet for 60 years now, Revolutionary Cuba has survived as a country dedicated to building socialism at home, whilst at the same time aiding liberation movements and oppressed peoples in other countries

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Tactics for a socialist revolution

by John Maryon

CAPITALISM is a cruel, unjust form of society based upon the exploitation of the masses by a powerful, privileged elite who own most of the wealth and means of production. It profits from wars, prevents people from reaching their full potential and leaves homeless people to die in the gutter whilst wealthy parasites live in luxury. The strategy for change must be revolutionary. Socialism will never be achieved by modest reforms, gradual improvements or meek acceptance of a few crumbs from the master’s table.

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Vasily Zaytsev — The Soviet sniper who made the Nazis tremble

In Defence of Communism

IT WAS 27 years ago, on 15th December 1991, when a hero of the Soviet Union passed away at the age of 76. He was Vasily Grigoryevich Zaytsev, the legendary sniper of the Red Army whose name became inextricably linked to the Battle of Stalingrad. He was the man who made the Nazi soldiers tremble in fear.

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