The Weekly paper of the New Communist Party of Britain
Week commencing 18th January 2019

Long live the Bolivarian Revolution!

by New Worker correspondent

LONDON comrades joined members of the capital’s Latin American community for a solidarity picket outside the Venezuelan embassy last week to support the inauguration of Nicolas Maduro as the democratically elected President of Venezuela.

Venezuela is under an imperialist sanctions regime and faces threats of “regime change” from US imperialism, so the picket was called to show solidarity with Venezuela in the face of these threats and to support its right to independence.

There were fears that elements of the Venezuelan opposition and other hirelings of US imperialism might turn up to disrupt the solidarity stance in south Kensington, but these proved unfounded. Chanting support for the Bolivarian revolution, as well as “Yankees go home!”, the crowd sang Cuban revolutionary songs and waved their national flags.

The Brazilian flag fluttered along with Venezuelan and Cuban banners showing that Brazilians, under the thumb of the fascist regime of Jair Bolsonaro, were also giving solidarity to Venezuela.