The Weekly paper of the New Communist Party of Britain
Week commencing 18th January 2019

Lead story

For A General Election Now!

by New Worker correspondent

TORY MPs and their sectarian allies in northern Ireland closed ranks to defeat a Labour no-confidence motion in the House of Commons on Wednesday. But Mrs May seems determined to cling on to office for as long as she can. No-one believes that she’s got any chance of getting any Brexit deal through Parliament before the cut-off date of 29th March.

Moving the motion the Labour leader, Jeremy Corbyn, said that Mrs May’s “zombie” administration had lost the right to govern, and they “should do the right thing and resign”. But the Prime Minister said that an early election was not “in the national interest”. and with a renewed pledge of support from the Democratic Unionists she fended off the Labour challenge by 325 votes to 306.

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Long live the Bolivarian Revolution!

by New Worker correspondent

LONDON comrades joined members of the capital’s Latin American community for a solidarity picket outside the Venezuelan embassy last week to support the inauguration of Nicolas Maduro as the democratically elected President of Venezuela.

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Christmas in reverse


WITH parliament set to vote on the terms of the UK’s withdrawal from the European Union on Tuesday, things could get worse quickly for the country if the deal ultimately falls through, says Steve Hedley, senior assistant general secretary of the Rail, Maritime and Transport Workers Union (RMT).

“There will be an awful backlash if Brexit isn’t carried out,” Hedley said. “People will feel that the democratic system is democratic in name only.”

Ahead of Tuesday’s showdown, Prime Minister Theresa May toured the country in an effort to drum up support for the parliamentary vote, which Hedley believes won’t go in May’s favour. In her efforts, May has stressed to those who’ve listened that if the Brexit deal splutters out it will cause massive setbacks to the British economy and politics.

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Leave means Leave!

PARLIAMENT kicked out Mrs May’s Brexit deal by an overwhelming majority this week. Her mealy-mouthed compromise that would have kept Britain in the European Union (EU) in all but name was rejected in the House of Commons by 432 votes to 202 — a margin of 230 that puts it in the history books.

Two years ago millions of people voted decisively to leave the EU. Brexit would mark a significant shift in the balance of power between capital and labour in Britain. It would leave a Labour government free to trade with any country around the world and free to invest in British manufacturing industry. It would enable Labour to restore trade union rights and in so doing reverse the yawning wealth gap between rich and poor in Britain. It would be a government that could cap rents and burst the housing bubble that sees our cities’ forests of towering luxury homes owned by investment companies and parasites whilst workers are forced to live in hostels, hovels or sleep on the streets.

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