The Weekly paper of the New Communist Party of Britain
Week commencing 1st February 2019

Lead story

Hands off Venezuela!

By New Worker correspondent

US IMPERIALISM has stepped up its attempts to overthrow the Chavismo government in Venezuela. A venal pawn has proclaimed himself as “interim president” with the support of Anglo-American and Franco-German imperialism. Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro says that Trump has ordered the Colombian government and mafia to kill him. But Venezuela’s armed forces have pledged full support to the Maduro government, dealing a significant blow to the American effort to establish a parallel puppet regime and get their greedy hands on Venezuela’s oil.

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Hands off Venezuela!

by New Worker correspondent

AROUND 100 people ,including many from London’s Venezuelan and Latin American communities, joined thousands around the world on Tuesday to protest against the openly imperialist US attempt at regime change in Venezuela.

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MI5 deploys more agents to northern Ireland

by New Worker correspondent

MI5 HAS DEPLOYED more than 700 spies in Belfast, the Daily Mail reports, as part of a massive anti-terrorist operation in the area. It comes amidst concerns that the so-called ‘New IRA’ may capitalise on the possible return of a hard Irish border after Brexit so as to fuel a fresh conflict.

The newspaper cited Brian Kenna, a former IRA prisoner and chair of the Revolutionary Republican Party Saoradh, as saying that: “Britain still rules the Six Counties of [northern] Ireland and this is going to lead to renewed conflict.”

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Higher profits, lower pensions

by New Worker correspondent

BRITISH TELECOM has been warned by Prospect, which represents mangers and technical staff, over its handling of a major restructuring. Prospect national secretary Noel McClean warned that: “BT is bringing in the changes too fast, and on a piecemeal basis across different business units, before negotiations with the union have ended. Prospect did secure some improvements in earlier talks, but these don’t go far enough.” He lamented the fact that: “Before Christmas we asked the company to pause the process while further talks were held but BT rejected this.

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Project Fear nonsense

WHILST THE Prime Minister struggles to get parliamentary support for her revised Brexit plan, ‘Project Fear’ continues to pump scare stories into the media about the supposed mass starvation and anarchy that will begin the day after we leave the European Union (EU). Last week we were told that the Government is considering imposing martial law to deal with the “chaos” of a no-deal Brexit. When pushed however, Government ministers downplayed this ludicrous Domesday scenario as simply an “option” that has always existed to deal with massive civil unrest or a large-scale terrorist threat.

Some 21,000 troops were sent to the occupied north of Ireland to fight the IRA in ‘Operation Banner’, which began in 1969 and finally ended in 2007 under the terms of the Good Friday Agreement. The current ‘Operation Temperer’ plan, designed to help the police on the streets against terrorism, is, indeed, a martial law programme that would act incrementally, rather than overtly. Once implemented though, ‘Temperer’ could be very difficult to reverse.

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