The Weekly paper of the New Communist Party of Britain
Week commencing 22nd February 2019

Lead story

No ‘Vietnam’ in Venezuela!

by New Worker correspondent

THE CHIEF of US imperialism, Donald Trump, has called on the Venezuelan military to support opposition leader Juan Guaidó, an American pawn, or “lose everything” this week. US imperialism wants Venezuela’s oil and gold reserves, but Russia has warned the Americans against any interference, including military, into Venezuela’s internal affairs.

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Pay the Living Wage!

by New Worker correspondent

ON MONDAY a group of militant workers paid another visit to Justice Minister David Gauke to remind him that his cleaners, receptionists and security guards live in poverty because he refuses to pay them the London Living Wage.

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Good riddance...

NONE OF US will shed a tear at the departure of the eight or so MPs who left the Labour Party this week to form a new parliamentary faction that they’ve unimaginatively chosen to call the ‘Independent Group’. They were already on their way out. Most of them had lost the support of their local constituency parties and some were already facing deselection demands. Now they’ve saved the members the bother by ‘deselecting’ themselves. Whether they will stand again in the next election is another matter.

Few in Labour’s ranks will miss these people apart from the remaining Blairites and Zionists on the back-benches who have decided, at least for the time being, not to join them.

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