The Weekly paper of the New Communist Party of Britain
Week commencing 22nd February 2019

Pay the Living Wage!

by New Worker correspondent

ON MONDAY a group of militant workers paid another visit to Justice Minister David Gauke to remind him that his cleaners, receptionists and security guards live in poverty because he refuses to pay them the London Living Wage.

Seeing that Gauke had been ignoring their messages and refusing to meet them, the protesters decided they’d pop over to the 9am event he was holding around the corner from his office at the Ministry of Justice.

Dave and his hosts, the Conservative ‘Reform’ think-tank, weren’t impressed and called the police on the group of workers, including mothers with children, in an attempt to intimidate and discourage the workers from making their voices heard. The Justice Minister then ran out of a back door, ashamed to face his workers.

The protest was called by the United Voices of the World (UVW), a street union founded in 2014 to represent the mainly outsourced migrant workers of London. Their message to Gauke and his accomplices is: Dave, we will be back. Wherever you speak, we will be there. You can continue to run away from your workers but you cannot hide. See you at the next event.

The UVW is a members-led, campaigning trade union that supports and empowers the most vulnerable groups of precarious, low-paid and predominantly migrant workers in Britain.

The new union rapidly gained media attention and popular support with a series of high-profile victories for workers serving Sotheby’s, Harrods and the London School of Economics (LSE), and in the capital’s other outsourced industries, which include cleaning, portering, security, retail, waiters and bar staff.

The UVW campaign for all members to receive at least the London Living Wage (£10.55 per hour as of November 2018), contractual sick pay and other rights, dignified and safe conditions, and general respect. The union also challenges outsourcing itself, which creates two-tier workforces in order to slash wage bills and deny important rights.