The Weekly paper of the New Communist Party of Britain
Week commencing 1st March 2019

Lead story

Setbacks for US over Venezuela

LAST WEEKEND the United States failed miserably in its continuing efforts to get its hands on Venezuela’s 300 billion barrels of oil when its efforts to encourage army officers to defect to their chosen puppet Juan Guaidó failed in an unsuccessful attempt to send an “aid convoy” into the country.

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Low pay victory

TRANSPORT union RMT has secured a major pay victory for DHL staff working on the Virgin West Coast Mainline contract that will see the entire workforce lifted on to a living wage.

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Brexit Betrayals

THE BRITISH ruling classes were profoundly annoyed at the outcome of the real “Peoples’ Vote” which took place on the 23rd June 2016 so every effort has been made to sabotage the result. first there was talk of a “soft Brexit” which in practical terms was to mean effectively remaining in the European Union in all but name to suit the City of London.

In common with well-established EU practice that whenever the result of a particular referendum is not to the liking of the Franco-German ruling classes the voters are instructed, like slow schoolchildren struggling with their spelling, to go away and do it time and time again until they produce the right result. Hence we had the largely defunct “People’s Vote” campaign the name of which implies only robots and dogs were involved in the 23rd June vote.

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