The Weekly paper of the New Communist Party of Britain
Week commencing 15th March 2019

The Fighting Fund

The race is on to hit our £3,500 target with £607 in this week’s post to kick off the first week of the March appeal. Many thanks to everyone who dipped in to support the New Worker fighting fund including East Anglian supporters who raised £100 for our communist weekly, the Cardiff comrade who donated £50 and a regular contributor from Carlisle who sent in £6.

Every donation, big or small, helps keep us going. Every time you order a pamphlet or an NCP pen it helps the fund, This month we recall the passing of Karl Marx who, together with Frederick Engels, laid the foundations of scientific socialism. What better way to honour the memory of the great revolutionary thinker than helping to keep the New Worker going!

Our target is £3,500. To keep the red flag flying please send contributions to the New Worker Fund, PO Box 73, London SW11 2PQ. Cheques and Postal Orders should be made payable to “New Worker”. To save a stamp you can also use your credit or debit card to send contributions here:

Alternatively send a cheque or postal order with your donation to:
New Worker
PO Box 73
SW11 2PQ