The Weekly paper of the New Communist Party of Britain
Week commencing 22nd March 2019

Lead story

Venezuela fights US Sabotage

VENEZUELAN engineers are battling to restore electricity in the country following further sabotage to the power grids this week. In Rome talks between Russian and American envoys on the crisis ended without any agreement. and traitors have taken control of former Venezuelan diplomatic missions in America with the apparent blessing of the Trump regime. .

Venezuela’s national electricity supplier Corpoelec says it is working hard to restore electricity in the country after further attacks on the national network this week. Power was lost in four provinces as well as in parts of the capital, Caracas. Earlier in the month a major blackout swept Venezuela following a cyber-attack on the Guri hydroelectric power plant carried out by the hidden hand of US imperialism.

President Nicolas Maduro’s government blames US imperialism and the Western-backed opposition for the sabotage of the electricity system, and he has called on the United Nations, Russia, People’s China, Cuba and Iran to investigate the cyberattack on the energy supply system. Russia and China have both offered to send technical assistance to Venezuela to help restore the country’s power supplies. The Russians also say they are ready to co-operate to investigate the blackout and help bring the sabotage plotters to justice. Kremlin Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova said last week that Russia considers that Venezuela’s blackout was due to a cyber-attack from abroad

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The legacy of a great communist thinker

COMRADES and friends met last Sunday to salute the memory of Karl Marx at his tomb in Highgate Cemetery in London. They ignored a pathetic band of anti-communists who had gathered outside the gates to hurl abuse at those who had come to honour the revolutionary thinker and rally around the tomb, which had came under fascist attack earlier this year.

Last month the marble plaque was smashed and the tomb daubed with hate slogans in two separate attacks on the monument. Although most of the paint has been scraped away the plaque remains badly damaged. Plans are already afoot for an appeal to restore the monument designed by communist sculptor Laurence Bradshaw that was unveiled in 1956

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The Great Brexit Betrayal

WHILST TORY grandees struggle to prevent an open split in their ranks over Brexit, the Remainers in all the parliamentary camps are working around the clock to keep Britain inside the European Union (EU). Now the Trump clan is joining in the fun, with the American president bragging that he could have got a better deal with Brussels and his son claiming that the current deadlock and the probable suspension of the exit day by at least three months proved that democracy in the UK is “all but dead”. .

Donald Trump Jr, a businessman who holds no official political position in his father’s administration, told the Daily Telegraph that Mrs May had “ignored advice from my father”, adding that “the will of the people is likely to be ignored” because of “elite” politicians in Brussels

Trump Jr says: “Mrs May ignored advice from my father, and ultimately, a process that should have taken only a few short months has become a years-long stalemate, leaving the British people in limbo. “Now, the clock has virtually run out and almost all is lost -—exactly as the European elites were hoping. “Some pro-Brexit politicians even suggest that Mrs May is trying to sabotage Brexit, by insisting that Parliament agree to a deal that essentially keeps Britain bound to the EU indefinitely…with the deadline fast approaching, it appears that democracy in the UK is all but dead.

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