The Weekly paper of the New Communist Party of Britain
Week commencing 5th April 2019

The Fighting Fund

The final post for the March appeal brought in £921 giving us a grand total of £2,574 for the month — £926 short of our target. Many thanks to all those who worked to raise the much needed cash for the fighting fund including the Totton reader who sent in £100, the Carlisle supporter who donated £11 and Southall comrades who collected £15 at their last cell meeting.

We’ve had setbacks before and we will certainly have them again in the future. But the survival of our communist weekly depends entirely on our supporters. We’ve got plenty to say and plenty more to do. There is a way out of the slump. We have to put the communist answer to the crisis back on the working class agenda.

Every pound helps to guarantee the next issue of the New Worker. Every time you order a pamphlet or an NCP pen it helps the fund.

Pease send contributions to

Alternatively send a cheque or postal order with your donation to:
New Worker
PO Box 73
SW11 2PQ