The Weekly paper of the New Communist Party of Britain
Week commencing 24th May 2019

Lead story

May twists and turns

ON TUESDAY Theresa May (who at the time of writing at least, was still Prime Minister) announced yet another “new deal” on the long-delayed departure of Britain from the European Union (EU). This is no more likely to meet with success than her umpteen other efforts. Her desperate attempts to reconcile the warring factions within her own party and to win parliamentary approval from the opposition benches speedily unravelled.

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UNITE the union and its lawyers Thompsons and OH Parsons have announced that it has settled its current long-running blacklisting case against the construction companies that systematically ruined the lives of their workers. As a result, 53 blacklisted workers will receive over £1.9 million in compensation from the companies who were responsible for making workers unemployed.

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Our heritage: and future

LAST WEEK saw thousands of people take part in the annual With Banners Held High festival in the Yorkshire city of Wakefield, which recalled the 1984/5 miners’ strike. This is just one of labour’s packed annual calendar of events to remember its proud history, which starts with the marches on the first of May.

Wakefield is also one of the more recently established festivals. This year’s Durham Miners Gala is the 135th and the commemoration of the Tolpuddle martyrs in Dorset has been a major event since the centenary event of 1934. Other well-established events are those remembering the contribution of the British working class in opposing fascism on the battlefields of in Spain at the Jubilee Gardens memorial in London, the defeat of Oswald Mosley on the streets of east London and the long running Strike school at Burston in Norfolk.

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