The Weekly paper of the New Communist Party of Britain
Week commencing 31st May 2019

Bye Bye Theresa May

NONE OF US will shed a tear for the departure of Mrs May, who fell on her sword last week after failing for the umpteenth time to get support for her half-baked Brexit plan from her own Tory ranks. No-one will miss her.

When Mrs May took over from David Cameron in 2016 her followers claimed she would become another “Mrs Thatcher”. That didn’t happen. Now she has joined the ranks of past Tory politicians forced into early retirement over internal divisions within the Conservative Party over the European Union.

Her withdrawal plan, which would have kept Britain in the EU in all but name, was doomed from the start as it outraged the die-hard Brexiteers in her own camp whilst failing to appease Remainers who don’t want us to leave the EU at all.

Whoever the Tories pick to succeed Theresa May as leader is a matter of complete indifference to working people. None of us will have any input into the selection process nor need we care who they choose to take her place. What we have must do is step up the demand for a general election now to ensure that whoever follows in her footsteps has only a limited time to do more harm to the working class.