The Weekly paper of the New Communist Party of Britain
Week commencing 31st May 2019

Good riddance Alastair Campbell

The odious Alastair Campbell has at last been expelled from the Labour Party after publicly stating that he voted for the Liberal Democrats in last week’s European parliamentary elections.

Campbell was the “director of communications” during the Blair era who allegedly coined the name “New Labour”. He was accused of personally “sexing up” the “dodgy dossier” that made the case for regime change in Iraq to support American claims that were known to be false.

The loathsome Blairite denies doctoring the intelligence report — a view endorsed by the Chilcot inquiry that criticised the foreword supplied by Blair but concluded that no-one tampered with the actual intelligence dossier presented to Parliament in September 2002.

Nevertheless, Campbell was a prominent member of Tony Blair’s kitchen Cabinet and the spin-doctor for British participation in US imperialism’s invasion of Iraq in 2003 that led to the deaths of a million people. Although Campbell left Blair’s entourage in 2003 he continued to be a major player in the Blairite lobby.

In 2015 he backed the Blairite “Anyone but Corbyn” campaign during the elections for the Labour leadership and in recent years he’s focused on beating the drum for those who want us to remain within the European Union. He’s the “editor at large” for the New European, a pro- EU weekly set up immediately after the Referendum to champion the supposed merits of the EU. He is also an adviser to the ‘People’s Vote’ campaign that spearheads the demand for a rerun to reverse the result of the 2016 referendum.

Now the Blairite gang in parliament are bleating about “intolerance” and Labour’s deputy leader, Tom Watson, is ludicrously calling for an amnesty for Campbell and all the other Labour members that he says voted for other parties in the European elections. But the fact remains that Alastair Campbell auto-excluded himself by breaching Labour Party rules that specifically forbid members from supporting other political parties and candidates.