The Weekly paper of the New Communist Party of Britain
Week commencing 31st May 2019

Lead story

May goes — now for the rest of them!

by New Worker correspondent

TORY MPs are scrabbling around for votes in the race to elect a new leader following Mrs May’s resignation last week. Eleven wannabe prime ministers have thrown their hats into the ring, ranging from the immensely vain Boris Johnson to rank outsider Kit Malthouse, the little known Housing Minister best known for being Deputy Mayor of London during Boris Johnson’s administration.

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PCS welcomes Jeremy Corbyn

by New Worker correspondent

JEREMY CORBYN got a rapturous welcome from PCS delegates last week. The Labour leader ticked all the boxes during his address on the last day of the civil service workers’ annual conference in Brighton last week.

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The Euro Vote

by our Scottish political affairs correspondent

IT COULD be claimed that the major victor in the unnecessary Euro election in Scotland was the New Communist Party (NCP), whose call for a boycott of the proceedings was heeded by over 60 per cent of the Scottish electorate. The Brexit Party, nationalists and the Liberal Democrats have made similar claims on their own behalf, so we should not be left out.

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Bye Bye Theresa May

NONE OF US will shed a tear for the departure of Mrs May, who fell on her sword last week after failing for the umpteenth time to get support for her half-baked Brexit plan from her own Tory ranks. No-one will miss her.

Theresa May steps down as leader of the Conservative Party on 7th June but she will remain the caretaker premier until two hopefuls, whittled down by MP primaries, are eventual put to the party’s membership that is said to be around 100,000, most of whom are pensioners.

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Good riddance Alastair Campbell

The odious Alastair Campbell has at last been expelled from the Labour Party after publicly stating that he voted for the Liberal Democrats in last week’s European parliamentary elections.

Campbell was the “director of communications” during the Blair era who allegedly coined the name “New Labour”. He was accused of personally “sexing up” the “dodgy dossier” that made the case for regime change in Iraq to support American claims that were known to be false.

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