The Weekly paper of the New Communist Party of Britain
Week commencing 7th June 2019

Lead story

Trump is not welcome here

by New Worker correspondent

THOUSANDS of protesters took over the streets of Westminster on Tuesday to jeer Donald Trump on his state visit to London. Demonstrators ‘welcomed’ the loathsome leader of US imperialism when they assembled in Trafalgar Square to march down Whitehall to hold a rally within a hundred metres of Number 10 where Trump was dining with Mrs May.

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Universal Credit battles

by New Worker correspondent

WORKERS AT Walsall and Wolverhampton Universal Credit service centres have taken part in a two-day strike where members of the rank-and-file civil service union PCS are fighting for more staff and better working conditions.

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Ropes of Sand

WHILE Donald Trump lords it in London posing as a great statesman in front of the Queen and Mrs May his dream of winning a Nobel Peace Prize is fading fast in the face of mounting Arab resistance to what the chief American warlord still calls the “deal of the century”.

Trump really shouldn’t have bothered in the first place if the details of the American “peace plan” that have appeared in the Israeli press are true. His “deal” gives the Zionists everything they want and more. The Palestinians get nothing apart from some monetary compensation funded by the feudal Arab oil sheikhs as part of their effort to build an anti-Iranian front in the Middle East. While some of the princes of oil, including the disgraced Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia, were prepared to support Trump’s surrender plan others are clearly having second thoughts.

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