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The Fighting Fund

The second week of the June fighting fund appeal brought in £582. Many thanks to everyone who dipped in to help us on our way including the comrades who collected £90 at last weekend’s meeting of the NCP Politburo — a collection which also included a donation from the Mid-Essex Unity Group. Other contributions included £50 from a Manchester supporter and London donations which totalled £102. We’ve raised £1,956 for the June fighting fund. now need to collect £1,544 to hit our £3,500 target.

It’s a job that must be done. Big or small everything counts in the battle to keep our communist press rolling. Every pound helps in the fight to build the communist press that’s needed to put the communist answer to the crisis back on the agenda of the working class today.

The New Worker is part of the world-wide struggle for peace and socialism that will ultimately end in victory for the working class. Speed the day by sending whatever you can to the New Worker Fund at