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No War on Iran

THE GREEDY eyes of US imperialism are focusing again on the Islamic Republic of Iran. The Trump administration is rapidly coming under the control of the most aggressive sections of the American ruling class such as the big oil corporations that covet Iran’s oil reserves and see Iran’s militant Shia Muslim doctrines as a threat to the feudal Arab oil princes that serve their interests in the Middle East.

Many, even in the imperialist camp, are questioning the ludicrous Pentagon claim that Iran was behind the mysterious attacks on oil tankers in the Persian Gulf. The Iranians say the US or their stooges did it themselves in a ‘false flag’ operation designed to provide the pretext for a US attack on the Islamic Republic.

The Americans have provided no evidence apart from a video purporting to show an Iranian patrol boat alongside one of the tankers, the Japanese Kokuka Courageous, which they claim was taken by one of their helicopters. Why the Iranians would chose to target a Japanese ship at the very moment when the prime minister of Japan was visiting Iran beggars belief.

The sinister forces that pull the strings in Washington doubtless think that the American public will believe any old rubbish these days. They used the same trick when their Syrian pawns used poison gas against their own people to demonise Assad’s popular front government last year.

We cannot influence American public opinion let along the government of the day. But we can struggle to ensure that US imperialism’s venal supporters in the British government don’t drag us into another Iraq-style war.

No war on Iran! Stop this war before it starts!