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The Fighting Fund

This week’s postbag brought in a stomping £990 for the fighting fund that’s pushed the needle up to £2,946. We now need just £554 to hit our £3,500 target for the month. But we’ve only got a week to do it!

We were helped on our way by a generous donation of £500 in memory of Neil Harris given by one of his old student friends from LSE days who now lives abroad. Other donations included £30 from a regular contributor in Essex; £20 from a Sheffield supporter and another £20 from a Bristol comrade. A Korean solidarity activist sent in £20 and we received £11 from a Welsh reader.

This is our last issue until the second week in July. Everyone at the New Worker is taking their well-earned summer break. But there’s got to be no let up in fund-raising. We’re in a battle for survival and every penny raised helps keep our presses rolling. Every pound helps to get us heard on the street, in the factories and offices and on the estates across the land.

The New Worker is part of the world-wide struggle for peace and socialism that will ultimately end in victory for the working class. Speed the day by sending whatever you can to the New Worker Fund at