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This issue of the New Worker will be the last before the Summer break.

The next issue will be out on Friday 19th July.

Lead story

Iran warns the US

by our Middle East Affairs correspondent

IRAN WILL respond decisively to any further provocations by US imperialism. That was a stark warning to the Americans given when the Iranian president spoke to the French leader Emmanuel Macron on the phone this week.

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Union recognition battles

by New Worker correspondent

LAST FRIDAY shop-workers union USDAW protested at the Manchester AGM of the online cut-price fashion retailer Boohoo as part of their ongoing struggle to secure recognition and question the company’s ethical trading credentials.

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The Longest Day

ALTHOUGH we were promised vast spectacles on 6th June to mark the 75th anniversary of the D-Day landings earlier in the month, the commemorative events were clearly overshadowed by the hostile reception to President Trump in London and the Brexit crisis that brought down Theresa May, who formally stepped down as Prime Minister the day after.

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Game of Drones

US imperialism will pay a heavy price if it dares to invade the Islamic Republic of Iran. The shooting down of a colossally expensive American spy-drone last week showed what Iran’s air-defences can do against the most sophisticated equipment in the imperialist arsenal. Whether that, in itself, will stay Donald

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