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The Fighting Fund

The July appeal closed with £600 in the post thanks to Southall comrades who donated £450 and £100 in memory of Ann Rogers and a West London supporter who gave £50 in memory of Ann and the cause she long supported. The July appeal closed with £,3551 in the bag which means we’ve hit the £3,500 target with a little bit over which will help off-set some of our leaner months. The August fighting fund appeal starts now so let’s see if we can keep up the momentum in the run-up to what looks like an early election. We gained three more readers last week and overall we won nine new subscriptions in July. This is what we need but we need to do much, much more to get the word across to the millions of workers throughout the country if we want to see socialism back on the working class agenda again. We rely entirely on our readers to keep our presses rolling. Help us by sending a contribution to the New Worker Fund at