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Boris will ‘carry on regardless’!

by New Worker correspondent

BORIS JOHNSON says he will carry on, even if he loses a no-confidence vote, until the deadline to leave the European Union (EU) expires on 31st October. According to some members in his own camp, the Prime Minister then intends to go to the country as the man who got Britain out of the EU.

This, they believe, will be enough to defeat Labour and see off the challenge from the Brexit Party. But the Remainers, which include the Liberal Democrats, the Scottish and Welsh nationalists, and most of the Labour MPs in the House of Commons, have openly been meeting to scupper a ‘No-deal’ Brexit.

Johnson is in a dilemma. His rash promise to get Britain out of the EU by the end of October if he didn’t get better withdrawal terms has returned to haunt him sooner than he thought. Brussels is refusing to budge and Labour’s vote of no-confidence, expected to be tabled when Parliament resumes after its summer break on 4th September, is almost certainly going to be passed.

Under the ludicrous rules that govern the new five-year fixed-term parliament, the House would have to pass another vote 14 days later to bring the Government down. By that time Britain’s withdrawal would be irreversible. Or so they think.

Whilst the Johnson government could remain in office until the inevitable election, it could only carry on in a caretaker capacity. It is difficult to see how it could then proceed with a ‘No-deal’ Brexit with any legitimacy given the mood of the current parliament.


This week former Attorney General and prominent Tory Remainer, Dominic Grieve. was accused on Sky TV of being behind a move to get the Queen to dismiss the Prime Minister if he refused to step down after losing a no-confidence vote.

According to sources cited by the Telegraph, some MPs are considering resorting to a rarely used parliamentary procedure known as a ‘Humble Address’ to ask the Queen to dismiss Johnson.

The Johnson government would then be replaced with a ‘Government of National Unity’, whose only task would be to oversee fresh elections and extend the EU withdrawal date.

A snap election, they believe, would then revolve around the constitutional crisis and their demand for a second referendum. A new government, with or without Corbyn, will then call for a ‘People’s Vote’ that would result in Britain remaining within the strait-jacket of the EU.

The first problem the Remainers have with this scenario is that this would be nothing like a ‘national unity’ government but simply a cross-party Remainer front with the bulk of the Tories in opposition.

The second is that the Leader of the Opposition has to be given first chance in forming another government and Jeremy Corbyn is still anathema to many Remainers on both sides of the House.

The third is that Labour is sticking to its original demand for a general election now to end the crisis.

Shadow Business Secretary Rebecca Long-Bailey told the media that Labour does not want to hand Boris Johnson a “get out of jail free card” by supporting a national unity government aimed at stopping a No-deal Brexit. Such a plan would not be able to muster a “clear majority” in the Commons if the Prime Minister is defeated in a confidence vote, she said.

Rebecca Long-Bailey told Channel 4 News: “We’re happy to collaborate on a cross-party basis, but we wouldn’t countenance a national government of unity because we think that we need to have a clear majority for a government in Parliament, and that’s why we’re calling for a general election.”