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The Fighting Fund

This week’s post brought in £981 which takes us up to £3,281. The fighting fund now needs just £219 to hit our target for August.

We rely entirely on our readers to keep our presses rolling. More so in the run-up to an expected election in the autumn. Our communist voice is a weekly counter to the fake news of the BBC and the rest of bourgeois media. The fighting fund guarantees the survival of our communist voice in the fight for peace and socialism. Since 1977 we’ve stood side by side with those fighting imperialist aggression all over the world as well those defending their independence and their own path to socialist advance. We’ve done it only through the sacrifice and struggle of supporters committed to seeing the survival of our communist weekly newspaper.

We fight to put the communist answer to the crisis back on the working class agenda. We can only do it with your help. Your contribution is vital. Send it to the: New Worker Fund,