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Israel fuels tensions in Jerusalem

by our Arab Affairs correspondent

VIOLENCE erupted in occupied Jerusalem on Sunday when hundreds of Zionist settlers, backed by the Israeli police, stormed into Jerusalem’s flashpoint Al-Aqsa Mosque to clash with thousands of Muslims holding morning prayers. This followed a call from Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to allow Zionist settlers into the Muslim holy compound.

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Unlikely militants

by New Worker correspondent

HEALTH visitors, a group not noted normally noted for their industrial militancy, have been forced into taking two days of strike action next week by the “intransigence” of their employers, Lincolnshire County Council, according to their union, Unite.

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Johnson’s summer of discontent

AUGUST is traditionally known as the ‘Silly Season’ — when parliaments close, politicians head for the beach and the papers are reduced to reporting even more rubbish to fill their columns during the summer break. Normally they make do with the mediocre performance of the English cricket team, sharks off the Devon coast and the occasional sighting of the Loch Ness monster. But this is not a normal summer.

The movers and shakers are on stand-by for a snap election, and all sorts of nonsense is being spouted by MPs who otherwise would literally be spending more time with their family in pleasanter climes.

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