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US steps up threat to Venezuela

by New Worker correspondent

AMERICAN imperialism stepped up its war of words against Venezuela this week by openly threatening to impose a naval blockade on the Bolivarian Republic as a prelude to an invasion to oust the Maduro government.

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On the Trains

by New Worker correspondent

RAIL UNION RMT seems to be particularly active on the industrial front. On Saturday RMT took their fourth day of action against East Midlands Trains.

Mick Cash noted that as the action against operator Stagecoach took place the very day before its franchise ended. This demonstrated that “the disruption to services today is solely down to the slash and burn tactics of Stagecoach as they run their franchises down before they are booted off the railway. It is the company’s hostile attitude to their staff that has forced us to strike again today”.

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A wise decision

THE SEIZURE of an Iranian oil tanker on the high seas off the Rock of Gibraltar was one of the last acts of Mrs May’s government in July. The decision of her successors to release it is one of the first by the Boris Johnson team. The new Prime Minister has clearly heeded wiser counsel this time round.

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A Beggar’s Ball

The Prime Minister is meeting German Chancellor Angela Merkel and President Emmanuel Macron of France this week. His spin doctors say Boris Johnson is going to tell them that a negotiated withdrawal from the European Union is attainable if they would only drop their demand for an Irish “back-stop”. He will doubtless threaten them with a “no-deal” Brexit which could precipitate a snap election and a Tory defeat at the hands of a Corbyn-led coalition.

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