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Lebanese resistance vows to strike back

by our Arab Affairs correspondent

THE LEBANESE resistance has vowed to launch a “calculated strike” against Israel as a reprisal for a Zionist drone attack on Beirut last weekend. Hezbollah, the resistance movement based amongst the Shia community in southern Lebanon, said the first drone had hit the movement’s media office in the Lebanese capital and the second, which appeared to have been sent to search for the first one, detonated in the air. Hours later, the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (General Command), the Palestinian Baathist guerrilla movement, said Israeli drones had also struck its headquarters in Lebanon’s Bekaa valley.

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The bitter taste of coffee

by New Worker correspondent

THE fiRST London coffee house was established in 1652 by one Pasqua RosÉe. History does not record what wages were paid to his staff who daily served 600 cups, nor the hours they worked, let alone what happened to the tips..

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A Very British Blunder

NO MATTER what his apologists may now say, Boris Johnson’s decision to prorogue just days after MPs return to work in September is simply designed to by-pass Parliament altogether over Europe until the Brexit deadline expires at the end of October.

The Johnson camp made it clear that they would play this card, if all else failed, to ensure that Britain leaves the European Union (EU) on 31st October. But the Remainers, at home and abroad, have been preparing for this day.

Meanwhile Jeremy Corbyn’s bid to win broader support for a no-confidence vote to force an early election has been diverted into a cross-party Remainer effort to block Brexit by legal challenges and procedural methods in parliament.

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