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Lebanese resistance vows to strike back

by our Arab Affairs correspondent

THE LEBANESE resistance has vowed to launch a “calculated strike” against Israel as a reprisal for a Zionist drone attack on Beirut last weekend. Hezbollah, the resistance movement based amongst the Shia community in southern Lebanon, said the first drone had hit the movement’s media office in the Lebanese capital and the second, which appeared to have been sent to search for the first one, detonated in the air. Hours later, the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (General Command), the Palestinian Baathist guerrilla movement, said Israeli drones had also struck its headquarters in Lebanon’s Bekaa valley.

“I say to the Israeli army along the border, from tonight be ready and wait for us,” Hezbollah leader Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah said on TV soon after. “Do not rest, do not be reassured, and do not bet for a single moment that Hezbollah will allow …aggression of this kind.”

Israeli premier Benjamin Netanyahu is believed to have ordered the Israeli attacks to boost his hawkish credentials with the Arab-hating Zionist settler community in the run-up to the general election in September.

During Netanyahu’s recent visit to Ukraine a senior official in his entourage revealed that the Israeli government is working to drive Palestinians out of the besieged Gaza Strip by offering to finance their departure to Europe or other Arab states.

The unnamed official said that Israel is in contact with third countries to see if they would be willing to absorb Palestinians from the Strip, adding that “Israel is even willing to arrange transportation for them, at least to one of the airports in the Negev and arrange for them to travel out of the country”.

The Gaza health ministry said that since the start of the weekly Great March of Return protests last year, the Israeli army has killed more than 300 demonstrators and wounded 17,000 others. Seven Israelis have also been killed.

Netanyahu may also have hoped to boost the flagging morale of the terror gangs in Syria who lost more ground to the Syrian army in the Idlib region last week. But if so, he will have been sadly disappointed by their poor performance last week when they were swept out of southern Idlib, which the terrorists had held for five years under Turkish protection.

The Turkish presence in Syria was condemned last week by the leadership of the Syrian Communist Party in Damascus. The Syrian communists said that the Arab national liberation movement was carrying out a great mission in confronting “colonialism and its vassals, the most dangerous amongst which are currently Zionist Israel and Turkey, the poisonous claw of NATO in our region. The Turkish threat grows ever more serious, driven by the blatant expansionary tendencies of the Muslim Brotherhood-affiliated regime…

“This aggressive, expansionary role of Turkey is particularly evident in Syria, where foreign occupation and division projects — regardless of their designation — constitute the most urgent threats. Along the course of the Syrian crisis, significant parts of home soil have fallen under foreign occupation or power, first and foremost US and Turkish ones.

“Encouraged by the silence, or even the blessing, of numerous international parties, Turkey continues to enforce its administration and regulations over occupied areas. This indicates the intentions of Turkish authorities to keep these areas under occupation in the long term, where native Syrians are already subject to various forms of violence and discrimination.

“Furthermore, the Turkish authorities clearly support the rebel armed organisations, the vast majority of which have a terrorist, obscurantist ideology. This is particularly the case in Idlib, which is now being treated as a Turkish protectorate. Thus, the fierce battles our armed forces are currently fighting against rebel organisations in central and northern west Syria are effectively also battles against the foreign occupation.”