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Boris sings the Blues

BORIS JOHNSON is clearly as stupid as he looks. The Prime Minister fell into a Remainer trap this week. His attempt to side-line Parliament through prorogation played into the Remainers’ hands. They created a political storm that enabled them to shift the agenda away from Brexit and on to the “constitutional” crisis that they called a “coup”. It raised the prospect of stopping Brexit in its tracks and gave the Europhile grandees a “principled” position to justify bringing down their own government. It clearly worked.

Boris Johnson has now lost control of the House of Commons. The Remainers MPs on both sides of the House have closed ranks to take over the Commons agenda. They, not Johnson, will now decide the date of the next election.

Liberal-Democrat and Blairite efforts to side-step Jeremy Corbyn in Parliament have failed and the Remainers are now coalescing around the inevitability of a Corbyn-led government. Johnson wants a snap poll to save his skin. The Remainers may prefer the option of a “national government” headed by Corbyn but including representatives of the smaller Remainer parties as well as some of the dissident Tory grandees who will expect some sort of reward for kicking Johnson in the teeth. Such a Labour-led government could quickly lose the trust of millions of workers.

Not so long ago Jeremy Corbyn was being demonised as an “anti-semite” in the bourgeois media. Following a visit to Auschwitz former Foreign Secretary Jeremy Hunt even tried to link the Labour leader to Hitler’s death camps and the genocide of six million Jews during the Holocaust. Bourgeois media pundits predicted the complete collapse of the British economy if Labour came to power while the usual suspects vowed to emigrate if Corbyn ever set foot inside Number Ten.

Now rebel Tory grandees like Kenneth Clarke say they would serve in a “national” government led by Corbyn if it meant stopping a ‘no-deal’ Brexit and at least some of the movers and shakers in the City of London are now saying they could live with Corbyn at the helm for the same reason.

It could happen. Labour has virtually abandoned its pledge to honour the 2016 referendum decision to leave the European Union. Talk of a “negotiated” withdrawal and the “customs union” with the EU have simply become stepping stones towards a second referendum that the Remainers have wanted from the beginning.

They don’t want a “Norwegian” or “Canadian” relationship with the EU. What they want is to reverse the decision of the original vote and keep Britain trapped inside the EU.

All this “Remain and Rebel” talk is nonsense. It’s just a variation of the “Another Europe is Possible” drivel that third-rate left social-democrats in Greece, Germany and France use to justify their treachery. The European Union is not some sort of paradise for working people and the Treaty of Rome cannot be reformed.

We want a general election to get Labour in and the Tories out. We want Labour to stand by the people’s vote to leave the EU. We don’t want the bogus ‘people’s vote’. We want a people’s government that will restore the national health service and the rest of the ‘welfare state’ that existed until the Tories destroyed it

The only way out of the crisis is another general election and the only way to end austerity is to make sure that Labour gets the biggest possible vote when it comes.