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Boris’ plan backfires

BORIS Johnson’s puerile plan to prorogue Parliament just days after MPs return to work backfired spectacularly this week. Branded as a “coup” the Remainers organised waves of protests throughout the country on the eve of the new parliamentary session whose first day ended disastrously for the new Tory leader. One Remainer Tory joined the Liberal Democrats while 21 others broke ranks in support of a Remainer motion designed to scupper Brexit.

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fighting pay cuts in Greenwich housing

by New Worker correspondent

IN THE London Borough of Greenwich council 118 housing workers who face losing £10,000-a-year because of the scrapping of a long-standing productivity agreement are being balloted by Unite the Union for strike action.

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Boris sings the Blues

BORIS JOHNSON is clearly as stupid as he looks. The Prime Minister fell into a Remainer trap this week. His attempt to side-line Parliament through prorogation played into the Remainers’ hands. They created a political storm that enabled them to shift the agenda away from Brexit and on to the “constitutional” crisis that they called a “coup”. It raised the prospect of stopping Brexit in its tracks and gave the Europhile grandees a “principled” position to justify bringing down their own government. It clearly worked.

Boris Johnson has now lost control of the House of Commons. The Remainers MPs on both sides of the House have closed ranks to take over the Commons agenda. They, not Johnson, will now decide the date of the next election.

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