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The Fighting Fund

This week’s contributions to the fighting fund came to £803 which pushes the marker up to £2,216. Many thanks to all who’ve helped us down the road this week including the comrades who raised £283 at the commemorative meeting for Ann Rogers at the Centre last weekend; the AKEL supporter in north London who gave us £100 and the Dunstable reader who topped up her sub renewal with a further £20. We now need £1,284 to hit our £3,500 target for September.

Tension is rising again in the Middle East while at home frantic efforts are being made to overturn the historic decision to leave the European Union in 2016. Every day the fake news on the radio and TV is trying to tell us what to think and whom to obey. Now, more than ever, we must everything we can to help mobilise the labour movement and put socialism back on the agenda right across the country and throughout the labour movement

The New Worker is part of that struggle. Your financial contribution is vital to keep us going. Send donations to