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The Fighting Fund

Good news comrades! Supporters raised £1,305 this week which means the September appeal closed at £3,521 topping our target by £21!

Many thanks to all who helped us on our way including the south London supporter who sent in a stomping £1,000 for the fighting fund, a Carlisle reader who gave £15, a central London comrade who raised £45 and another London campaigner who raised £32 for the New Worker.

As the Brexit crisis deepens the calls for Johnson to resign grow. The Remainers are trying to divert public anger at Johnson’s unlawful suspension of Parliament into support for a “second referendum” and remaining in the European Union. The New Worker has consistently opposed all of this nonsense. But it can only do so with your support.

We rely entirely on our readers’ financial contributions to keep us going. The October £3,500 appeal begins now. Send donations to the: