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No war over Kashmir!

by our Asian Affairs correspondent

PAKISTANI Premier Imran Khan called for international action to defuse the crisis in Indian-controlled Kashmir during an appeal at the United Nations last week, warning the world of the danger of nuclear confrontation if nothing is done to end Indian oppression in the disputed province.

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Edukshun Newz

by New Worker correspondent

BOTH north and south of the border many educational workers are revving up for industrial action. In England, following a collapse in pay talks Unite is balloting members on industrial action in a dispute over real-terms cuts in their pay and rising workloads.

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Boris sinks deeper

BORIS JOHNSON sinks deeper and deeper into the Remainer trap that was set for him as soon as he stepped into Downing Street with his crackpot plan to by-pass Parliament and push through Brexit by the end of October. The Supreme Court and the “Rebel Alliance” that has united virtually all the opposition in the House of Commons, including the Tory grandees who sided against the Brexiteers, has thwarted every one of Johnson’s schemes.

Johnson’s Tories are now a minority in the Commons. If the Labour opposition could combine with the Scottish and Welsh nationalists, the Tory rebels and the other ‘independents’ they would now have a 40-plus majority in parliament. A united opposition could easily defeat any new “no-deal” proposal with support that is clearly enough to form the “Government of National Unity” that the Remainers believe can replace the Johnson government without a general election. Whether the Remainers can agree on who is going to lead this “government of all talents” is another matter altogether. Johnson clearly thinks they can’t and he may well be proved right.

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